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​Geneveve™ is a 30-minute, single-session treatment that gently, safely and comfortably renews vaginal tissue and responsiveness with no downtime.  Geneveve™ is the ideal treatment for women who suffer silently with vaginal laxity and the resulting loss of sexual sensation and satisfaction.  Most women enjoy significant tightening, sensation and satisfaction for over a year. Vaginal tissue, just like the skin, changes over time. When collagen support fibers lose strength, a feeling of looseness called laxity, especially around the vaginal opening, occurs. Vaginal laxity is an extremely common medical condition caused by aging, childbirth, genetic pre-disposition and lifestyle. Millions of women suffer silently with vaginal laxity and the resulting loss of sexual sensation and satisfaction.​

Real Science

To generate healthy, new collagen, enough heat needs to be delivered into the tissue without harming the delicate surface. Geneveve™was developed and studied specifically for treating delicate vaginal tissue. Only Geneveve™uses patented deep-heating energy and surface cooling to safely stimulate your body's natural collagen formation process.

Respectful Treatment

During the visit, a small treatment tip, about the size of your thumb, is inserted just inside the vaginal opening. The tip is rotated as it alternately cools the surface and heats the soft tissue beneath.

Over the next few months, your body responds to the treatment by generating just the right amount of natural resilient collagen and elastin in the vaginal opening. Women feel the results at about 30 days and the full effect at about 90 days.

Sensational Results

Women who have had the Geneveve™ treatment agree it works! In fact, clinical trials show 90% of the women treated reported statistically significant tightening, sensation and satisfaction at 12 months.*

GENEVEVE™ Vaginal Rejuvenation